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Endurance Sports Training - Online Run Coaching

Endurance Sports Training is a coaching service for runners providing online training programs to runners of all levels and abilities.

Endurance Sports Training is committed to providing individual training programs and advice to runners throughout Australia and internationally, via email and phone based services. Our goal is to help every runner achieve optimal performance and meet their specific goals.

Endurance Sports Training offers a range of coaching services to assist runners work towards their goals. Endurance Sports Training specialises in the provision of training programs that are individually written to meet all your needs.

Endurance Sports Training is based in Canberra, Australia.


Includes information on recent research into endurance sports, training related topics, and practical performance assisting information.

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Corporate Services

FitSense Australia provides corporate health and wellness programs to organisations looking to improve the health and fitness of their staff.

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Specialising in supplying only high quality, functional and value for money fitness equipment that have a proven track record.

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